Secured and easy access to software

Software can be accessed easily just by entering URL in the browser and entering username and password.

Multiple Branch

Multiple branches of the company are created and each transaction is recorded

Userwise rights to

User with the rights specified by the admin are only able to access the specified

Operate without Accounting Knowledge

User Interface is easy to navigate and creating financial transaction is easy which require no deep accounting knowledge

Data sync in real time for all platforms

Every document is synced on all platform in realtime giving user quick accessibility for all transactions.

99 % server

As our software is hosted on Cloud server the uptime is guaranteed. Software is up and running virtually all the time.

Detailed Reports and Data Analytics

Transmetrics provides you the detailed analysis of the data in the form of charts and

Customer data

Every customer data is secured on the hosted cloud server with daily backups and

Easy customization as per client

Every client is unique so changes like business flow, print format, Documents new fields etc can be done in a short period of time.